Types of Window Treatments Ideas

ColorsWindow treatments are more than just decoration. They’re also an excellent way to improve the overall energy efficiency of your home. For homeowners, window treatment means lower energy costs and more money in your pocket!

A lot of people asked about a post on window treatments ideas in Florida. There are tons of choices for every home - but we will share a little about our most used types of window treatments and why we install it.

First of all, we propose to convince all our clients to go for custom made draperies for the most part. It’s a costly project, but one that handles off in a big way, as nothing makes a room look more elegant and finished than custom made window treatments ideas. We work with an amazing workroom we love and belief, but you can find one in your area near Bradenton, Sarasota, Lakewood Ranch in Florida and by asking friends who have had their homes done.


Let’s understand the basics out of the way. Window Treatments do usually describe as both blinds or shades for the beginners. Blinds are technically hard window treatments made of detachable braces which can be tilted opened or closed when the blind is grounded. Shades are raised or lowered by a cord system or a spring element. Most of the time, We use blinds and shades mutually for ease as these two terms comprise the largest kind about window coverings & window treatments. Blinds and shades are fully customizable, offer full light and privacy control and have an endless variety of design choices and options. So many options, so little time!

Shutters Window Treatments

Shutters are useful as a constructive comment and are not only valuable and decorative window treatments but, they can also add meaning to your house. Shutters help to control lights coming to your house, give privacy when closed and maintain to protect against heat, cold, and sound. Shutters combine timeless, traditional elegance to any room. Shutters are very incredible that they'll make you feel like the Queen of your country or a completely desperate romantic holiday at a beach cottage.

Draperies Window Treatments

Draperies are the most used decorative window treatment, and the terms are often used conversely as full-length panels of material. Drapery Window treatments add big personality to place, modifying a room in the form of crisp sheers or rich velvet. Draperies can make both room and the window feel larger when it is hanged high near the ceiling or draped near the outer edges of your house, kitchen or bedroom window. Drapes become a perfect mate when matched with another window treatment such as roller shades or window blinds. Drapes are the dessert of window treatments!

Honeycomb Shades Window Treatments

For insulation and energy performance, honeycomb shades, with their tiny pockets of cells (think beehive and honey) keep your temperature cool. All of those small pockets catch air and direct the heat out of the house in summer and warmth during the winter. These bees are smart little hummers and are available in every imaginable color. They’re an ideal fit for most rooms, and the cordless options make them exceptional for households with kids or pets.

Roller Shades Window Treatments

The concept of a roller shade is quite smooth and manageable. Roller shades hang flat when dropping near the window pane, and when it raised, it rolls back to a cylindrical rod. Loads of materials are a plus here like sheer fabric, blackout material, linen and a palette of designs. Technology today even lets you print your favorite images, photos, artwork or designs on a roller shade. We have a client who has a bar with their logo and menu printed on a shade. It's fixed on the window facing the street for immediate publicity. A remote lift option performs an extra clean look. Roller shades window treatments are straightforward, budget friendly window treatment choice.

Valance Window Treatments

Everyone knows about curtains, but you will be surprised to know that many don't know what valance window treatment is. Wooden Valances are the first choice of many people, but when you select the fabric the appearance of this form of window treatment is more pleasing to the eye. Valances are available in a great blend of hues, fabrics including cotton, polyester, acrylic, and also mixes of these materials-and styles to combine inflatable, creased and swag. The Inflatable valances contain layers, often with fillers put between the layers to give a fuller look. Creased valances can use box creases, squeezed creases, or divided creases.

Silhouettes Window Treatments

We have the finest silhouette window treatments in Florida. Silhouette Window Treatments are the premier source for high-quality window fashions. Our store sells essential and different types of window treatments in various shades and styles that are proved to enhance your home décor. Soft, sheer The Wright Windows Silhouette Window Shadings. It feels like a curtain. It works like a blind. And you can't call it a shade. Our custom designed window covering is very unusual, and it controls the light without sacrificing privacy. Anytime you come to us; you can expect not only a wide range of branded window treatments but also gives helpful customer services.

Swag Window Treatment

Swag Window Treatment must installed anywhere you have enough space to take the depth of swags. And you can design and make your swags and cascades. Swags and cascades are ideal when used as a standard treatment in a conventional setting. They give the perfect illusion of being draped casually in sweeping folds. Swags can considerably increase the amount of fabric you need for your drapery that can be anything from a half to two-thirds of the quantity required for the curtains, depending on the design. Often, swags are in the form of a semi-circle. Most people prefer to use a shape which to me looks more natural. You can see the difference in the illustration.

Fabric Window Treatments

The Wright Windows offers a variety of fabric window treatment ideas for your home decor. Best Dressed Windows in Town specializes in creating beautiful custom-made fabric window treatments. There are so many styles, fabrics, trims, and hardware options that the possibilities are endless. Contact The Wright Windows to find the highest quality and cheap price fabric.

Curtains Window Treatments

Find window curtains and treatments to brighten your home. Window curtains and drapes are an easy, affordable way to take home decorating to a new level! Whether you’re looking for sophisticated draperies, billowy sheer curtains, thermal curtains or stylish valances for living room windows, you’ll find a wide array of window treatments from right here. Choose from a range of pleasing colors, patterns, and styles, available in a variety of sizes.

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Types of Window Treatments Ideas

Superior wood slats, innovative vertical designs, long-lasting aluminum - it's all here in this exclusive collection. All custom blinds are hung and tested before leaving our workroom. There are three styles of custom blinds avoidable in the market; Wood Blinds, Metal Blinds & Vertical Blinds.

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